So, I decided to log into my personal eBay account after waiting for a confirmation that my order from Hong Kong shipped and I saw this email waiting for me.

It congratulates me on 12 years with eBay and at first said "woo hoo, that's awesome!" and then it dawned on me that I've been on eBay FOR 12 FREAKIN' YEARS!

I'm getting old.

My body isn't getting back in shape as fast as I used to. My bones make these hilarious sounds when I'm performing rather mundane, daily tasks. I need more sleep.

I'm eating yogurt. Yeah, You read that right. I love yogurt now. And water. I'm obsessed with this fancy water bottle and refilling it three times a day.

I have been in denial about the inevitable change in my life as the age of 34 seems to creep up faster and faster.

My businesses, including my photography, Web Design, SEO, and Marketing have become my life. I work full time at a furniture outlet as their marketing specialist and I gotta be honest. I love it.

One of the first things I was taught during this transformation from employee to employer, was to try something outside of my comfort zone. And I did it.

Turns out, I'm incredible at it!

I'm also pretty good at making sure my clients, no matter what service or product they are purchasing from me, are happy and get a great deal.

So, while this email may have reminded me that I'm not getting any younger, I can at least say that for 12 years I've maintained a 100% rating in a world where people are itching to sabotage your efforts.

Every once in a while I get to shoot something I truly love. Something artistic. Something interesting. Something with heart.

Recently, I was approached by a hair stylist friend of mine who happens to be critically acclaimed here in Central Florida. She told me about a contest she wanted to enter and take a different approach to. After some wine, I said yes.

Who can say no to a pretty girl after a bottle of Cabernet?

Fast forward a month and after some back and forth about what she wanted to do, we finally settled on a date. I set the house up for the shoot and gave her room to finish off the makeup and ensure we got the exact look we were going for.

The end result was just phenomenal. Her good friend, a super cute girl who used to work at a bar I donated a high percentage of my paycheck to, had never done a session before like this and she took our abuse with flying colors.

She posed exactly the way I wanted her to and she had the exact look that served both the hair stylist's needs and what I wanted to showcase in my portfolio.

The love of photography and the arts has driven my work since day one. Everything I ever enjoy, I explored until I could explore no more.

I hope that day never comes for photography.

When I first caught the "ode" below, I realized once again many of my fellow photographers feel a disconnect between the service we provide and the value placed upon that service. Whether it be a result of the digital age where every device built has a camera on it. Or the fact that our tools are being peddled out there like toys to tech hungry nerds who don't have a passion at all for creating art, but for just having the this year's best gear.

When someone books me, they aren't just getting some snazzy pictures of themselves or the family. I am creating art. I am creating memories. I'm freezing time forever. Just for you1 The time I take out of my day to take pictures, then to process them, house them on my server, all costs money. I already have the best prices in town and I come to you.

What more can you ask for?!