One of my best friends just had a baby and I promised I'd do a newborn session with her when she was ready. Well within a week she was ready to go and so was I. Meet Baby Gavin. He's so cute, I warned all my lady friends to stay away or we'd be making one just like him.

Not even kidding.

After passing another birthday, I realized the idea of kids doesn't scare me at all. Kids freakin' love me. They think I'm Shrek or something. Which makes sessions go by smoothly and we always have a great time.

So enjoy a few more images from this session and if you just had a baby congrats!

Now,let's book your session ASAP!

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Everyone who's ever started a business of any kind, knows the one thing they need are quality images of whatever product they are promoting. My friend Amy and her friend Ashley, came to me with a simple request to help them get some imagery with their product and themselves.

It was a fun session, even if the clouds rolled in. That overcast works wonders to spread ambient light and I used whatever advantage I could for it.

Ashly, like myself, is quite the entrepreneur and is finding early success in getting investors for her amazing Irish Poitin. It's great to meet driven people who reach out and market themselves to see their dreams come true.

We'll be working together on future endeavors I'm sure!

It's not everyday a family has to pack up and move to another country thousands of miles away. But one family came to me with a simple request: To remember the good times in Florida. So we hit a local park and took a few pics. The kids were a blast and it was nice to see a wholesome family making it work.

These days, the family dynamic isn't as common as you would think so I enjoy getting clients who value family time and capturing the moment whenever possible.

I wish them the best in Japan and hope they bring me back something awesome!


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    January 2013